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Physician Assistant Expert. PHY-1619 has been a practicing physician assistant since 1978. Since 1982 he has worked in an office specializing in high-tech infertility and general gynecological care. His specialized duties include assisting in gynecological surgeries and performing hysterosalpingograms, endometrial biopsies, abdominal ultrasound, and cervical and endocervical biopsies. He also has eighteen years experience in association with outpatient abortions up to twenty weeks. He did not, however, perform abortions. Since 1981 he has been the president of a company that obtains and maintains contracts for physician assistant coverage in rural and intercity areas. Employing up to twenty physician assistants to fulfill the contracts, the company provides family practice, urgent/acute care, and emergency room services. PHY-1619 is the director of an internet-based Master of Science program designed for practicing physician assistants. He has recently taught,


Bowman Gray School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

B.S., Biology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

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Published: February 3, 2019
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1945 Palo Verde Ave, Suite #200 Long Beach, CA 90815
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