Patricia Rosen, M.D., MPH (Medical Expert Witness)

Patricia Rosen, M.D., MPH (Medical Expert Witness)

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(Medical Expert Background Info Summary)

Dr. Rosen – a Medical Expert Witness, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with a Sub-Board Certification in Medical Toxicology.  She is also a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and has 30 years experience in emergency department practice, which includes 7 years teaching.

Because she is an Ironman Triathlon amateur athlete, many of the local professional athletes and their clients go to her for advice on performing in endurance races.  This includes how to tolerate heat and taking preventative measures to avoid heat stroke.  The other typical scenario in which she deals with heat exposure is in relationship to worksite conditions.  Dr. Rosen has reviewed cases that include heat exposure at work and continues to provide assistance with regard to many types of exposures, including heat, at the worksite.  Furthermore, she has a Masters in Public Health and does Occupational Medicine consulting on a regular basis.


(Medical Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • Independent Medical Consultation, Austin Toxicology (1999 – Present)
  • Emergency Medicine Staff, Austin Surgical Hospital (2007 – Present)
  • Emergency Medicine Staff, Heart Hospital of Austin (2006 – 2011)
  • Internal Medicine Certification (Sept. 1984)
  • Emergency Medicine Certification (Nov. 1988, 1997, Dec. 2007)
  • Member – Present American College of Emergency Physicians (1983)
  • Member – Society for Occupational and Environmental Health (1993 – 1999)
  • Editorial Board/Faculty Forum, Texas A&M (1997 – 1999)
  • Consultant, TDH – Childhood Lead Statewide Screening (1999 – Present)
  • Reviewer for American Journal of Medical Toxicology (2006 – Present)


(Medical Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Dr. Rosen has also had quite a few publications to her name as well. Some of these are “Actions Myclonus in Lithium Toxicity” (notes and letters); Annals of Neurology 1983 13:221-222, “Evaluation of two new cervical immobilization devices” (original research); Annals of Emergency Medicine October 1992 21:10 1189-1195 and A Retrospective Analysis of 96 “Asp” (Megalopyge Opercularis) Envenomations in Central Texas during 1996 clinical toxicology 1997; 35:530.

Dr. Rosen has also done research in her field which constitutes “Establishment of baseline for Thioether Excretion in a population not exposed to toxins” (Funded by ATSDR in 1993), “Use of databases by Emergency Medical Services and Physicians in hazardous materials accidents” (Funded by ATSDR in 1993) and “Hematologic effects of crotalid venom: a retrospective case series” (in 1995, presented Tucson, Arizona, 1/18/1996).

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