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Orthopedic Surgeon Expert. ORT-1188 has been in private practice since 1988. He is also a hand specialist. He has attended two international seminars on operative arthroscopy. His article “Triscaphie Fusion: Assessment of Twenty-Five Patients” was submitted to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.


Fellow, Hand Surgery, Joseph Boyes Foundation, Orthopedic Hospital, Los Angeles

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Metropolitan Hospitals of Northwest Detroit

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Grace Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Providence Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Harper Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Children’s Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Detroit Receiving Hospital

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Shiner’s Hospital for Crippled Children, Erie, Pennsylvania

Resident, Orthopedic Surgery, Kerlan-Jobe Sports Clinic, Inglewood, California

Internship, General Surgery, Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

M.D., Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan

B.S., Psychobiology, University of California, Los Angeles

B.S., Biology, University of Southern California

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Published: February 3, 2019
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