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Optics Expert. OPT-1629 has 35 years of experience in optics. He owns a 28-year-old optics company. As an expert witness, he provides consultation and testimony regarding technology, patents, failures, tests, and depositions for litigation, negotiations, and investment. He is also a university professor. OPT-1629 has 9 U.S. patents and 2 others pending, as well as foreign agents. Some of his patent assignees include Bell Telephone System, Information Retrieval Systems Corp., Labatt Ltd. (Canada), and Perkins-Elmer Corp. He also has over 40 papers published. He designed and delivered a computer-automated multiple-sensor system that won the annual award of Medtronic (a $2 billion fortune 500 corporation and the world leader in heart pacemakers). The system included machine vision, fiber optics, scanning, image acquisition and analysis, pattern recognition, output signals for process control, image and data display, production and QC documentation, sta


Post-Doctoral Fellow, London University, England

Ph.D., Optics and Physics, Institute of Optics and Physics Dept., University of Rochester

A.B., Physics, Cornell University


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Published: February 3, 2019
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