Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Ph.D. (Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Witness)

Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Ph.D. (Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Witness)

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(Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Background Info Summary)

Gavin Huntley-Fenner, Ph.D. is a Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Witness. He is a human factors and safety consultant with over 20 years experience as a researcher, author, educator and business consultant.  He states he has a variety of experience analyzing consumer and industrial products and regularly provides consumer product hazard analyses.

Dr. Huntley-Fenner regularly provides consumer product hazard analyses and has served as an expert witness for matters relating to risk perception, instruction manuals, warnings, labeling, safety and human development, human reaction time and decision-making


(Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Bullet Points of Interest)

  • B.A. – Cognitive Sciences (with honors), Vassar College (1990)
  • Ph.D. Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1995)
  • Member – United States Food and Drug Administration Risk Communication Advisory Committee (2010 to 2014)
  • Member – California’s Statewide Committee on Autism and Education (2007)
  • California Bar Association Certified Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Provider
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
  • National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Scholar (1995 to 1996)
  • Department of Education Chair’s Advisory Board, University of California, Irvine (2009 to Present)
  • Member – U.S. FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee (2010 to 2014)
  • United States Army Southern California Community Advisory Board (2008 to 2012)


(Human Factors/Product Liability/Safety Expert Final Words/Short Summary)

Dr. Huntley-Fenner has been invited to speak at national and international scientific and nonscientific gatherings on topics ranging from basic and applied research to forensic consulting and to education. He is published in matters concerning product manuals, warnings, labeling, etc. and has also written several manuals.  He is commonly involved in litigation matters concerning heating devices since they are more likely to cause the most damage (over-heating, starting fires, etc.).

In 2014/2015, Dr. Huntley-Fenner helped to organize a workshop at the National Academy of Sciences on risk communication related to scientific uncertainty. Dr. Huntley-Fenner’s recent publications include “Human Factors” in “Communicating Risks and Benefits: An Evidence-Based User’s Guide”, “Risk Communication and Perceptions for Highly Beneficial Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals with Limited Scientific Evidence for Adverse Consequences” and an LA Times Op Ed: “Ebola lapses show lab safety protocols should factor in human error”.

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