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Technical Experts

Chances are, we already have your expert. Our database of over 15,000 technical experts nationwide was built over the past 25 years as we located experts for attorneys and adjusters like you. If we don't have who you need, our research staff works hard to meet your requirements Browse Technical Experts

Medical Experts

With a deep roster of doctors and physicians specialized in their fields, many of whom are also professors, you can let us do the work of finding the right expert for your case. Browse Medical Experts

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                                       You guys are very, very good at what you do and have it very well-organized..                               

In Business Since 1987

  • Over 15,000 Technical & Medical Experts

  • Rigorous Screening Process for Experts

  • Nationwide Service

  • Qualified ExpertInfo Staff

  • Fast Turn-around Response Time

What Our Clients say about Us

\"This case has just settled. Thank you for your assistance in this case. I am very impressed in your ability to have found the expert and was in the process of obtaining approval for the expert\'s retainer as we sat here in mediation. I will be a repeat customer as you rose to a signification challenge.

Thank you, again\"
\"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Pro/Consul for the excellent service we have received. During the past year we have had a need for expert witnesses in fields of government contracts, forensic accounting, pharmacology, and even corrections practices. It has been very gratifying to be able to contact your office and know that you have pre-screened experts available for consultation.\"
\"Your plastic and burn surgeon was one of the best experts I have ever worked with. He was very easy to talk to. He explained technical terms in layman terms. He was extremely cooperative about scheduling with regard to his depo and trial.\"
\"Of all the expert firms we spoke to, your firm, by far, was the most professional.\"
\"Frankly, I was a \'winner\' from the time I began using Pro/Consul. You have never failed to find me the right expert for my case.\"
\"It has certainly been a pleasure working with Pro/Consul. The manner in which you conduct your business is most professional and cordial. I do appreciate the opportunity to work with such professionals. Each time that I talk to one of you on the phone I hear friendly, positive, encouraging words.\"
\"Please be advised that the jury returned a defense verdict and in talking to the jurors after the verdict was reached, they found your expert to be highly credible, well informed, well prepared and therefore, would not have given the plaintiff anything but a nominal award had they found liability...I found the most compelling thing about his testimony was his credibility and his desire to come off as an advocate for defense.\"
\"Your economist accomplished the impossible in an impossible time frame. His work lessened the damages considerably.\"
\"The ladder expert Pro/Consul provided is the kind of expert who is concerned about educating the jury. He knows when the opposing side is presenting faulty theories. He uses demonstrative evidence to support his positions.\"
\"I, my employer, and my client are most appreciate of the extensive effort and dedication your expert showed. We were able to achieve a unanimous, 10 to 0, defense, verdict.\"
\"Your general contractor testified in this trial yesterday. I think he was a very good witness before the jury. He was likable, got some laughts out of the jury but most importantly he was fair when he stated his opinions.

I would use him again in a heartbeat!

\"Dear ProConsul:

Thanks for being so wonderful and friendly and helpful over the last two years. I really appreciated it, and I know the attorneys and other support staff appreciate it as well.\"
\"Please send official confirmation so that I can send out Notice. Thanks for your work on this. This was a tough one.\"
\"He did a great job for me on my case. I was able to settle case for $10,000 and saved my client a lot of money.\"
\"We have been very impressed with the timely responses whenever we have had a request and also with the professional manner in which your company managed.\"
\"I am extremely pleased with Pro/Consul. I\'m spreading the word at my firm.\"
\"Your human factors expert is one of the best experts I have worked with in twenty years.\"
\"I think your premises liability expert did a fabulous job. He really made himself available. He was really, really good!\"
\"In my opinion, this was the best ear, nose and throat specialist who has ever testified!\"
\"He is a very good mediator. He doesn\'t challenge your position or pass judgement, but he is very persuasive in a non-threatening way.\"
\"Your orthopedic surgeon focused on the main issue immediately and saved us tremendous amounts of time and energy.\"
\"Thanks. The case resolved for one-tenth of the plaintiff\'s demand in a clear liability situation because of our experts.\"
\"Thank you for inspecting the store parking lot on such short notice and providing me with your opinion. It was helpful in resolving this matter to the satisfaction of my client.\"
\"Thanks for your good work and the education you gave me for this case. We were able to make strong arguments based on your preliminary work to convince the opposing attorney of a settlement.\"
\"Mike is an excellent witness; he has great command of his subject matter and his demeanor at trial was exceptional.\"
\"Your expert was excellent as a witness and user friendly. He was always available for consultation. It was a real pleasures to work with him!\"
\"Your expert was excellent and a consummate professional and made a great impression on the jury.\"
\"He was marvelous. With his declaration we were successful in our motion for summary judgement.\"
\"His detailed report proved our insured was not negligent in his work and we closed our file without payment.\"
Thank you Pro/Consul
\"The attorney for the school district phoned me this afternoon to share that the jury ruled 12-0 in favor of the defense. We won my first case where I actually testified at trial.\"
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